(Smiling on the inside)

Johannes Friedrich Schiehsl

is an Austrian filmmaker, animator and generalist.

He studied traditional animation in Czech Republic and graduated at the prestigious Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg. He wrote and directed multiple award winning short films including his autobiographically inspired graduation short „366 Days“ which was selected by more than 70 international film festivals and received numerous awards. In 2011 he co-founded 'Neuer Österreichischer Trickfilm' and set up his own studio JFS Animation in 2022. He works as a writer, director and producer on various animation projects. He also loves to take pictures of the night sky.

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2022 Straight vs. Curved
2016 Starhunters
2015 The Mole and the Earthworm
2014 Lilly the Witch (Director)
2013 Wien Energie UFO
2011 366 Days
2009 ITFS Zoopraxiscope
2008 Birdstrike
2007 A6/A9

Teaching, Tutoring and Workshops
Vienna, Stuttgart and Hagenberg

Jury Participations
4x Cannes Corporate
3x International Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart
1x Prix Ars Electronica
1x Shortynale

Exhibitions & Selections
2018 German Films
2017 Fantoche - Animation Kollektive
2016 TM Dresden - Animations Kollektive
2010 Galerie Jödicke
2010 Stuttgarts Incredible World of Animation
2009 Adobe Design Award Exhibition Beijing
2008 World Exhibition (German Pavillion)

Austrian, German, English
2017 Austrian Film Festival «Best International Animation» for "Starhunters"
2017 Festival of Nations «Honorary Mention» for "Starhunters"
2016 Nomination for «Goldener Spatz» with "The Mole and the Earthworm"
2013 Nomination «Best Short Film» Österreichischer Filmpreis for "366 Days"
2012 «Special Jury Mention» @ KROK Festival for "366 Days"
2012 «Audience Award» @Kurzfilmtage Thalmässing for "366 Days"
2012 «Goldene Schillerlocke» SchillerShorts for "366 Days"
2012 «Special Jury Mention» @ Animasyros for "366 Days"
2012 «Best Graduation Film» @ ReAnimania IAF for "366 Days"
2012 Cultural Award of the State of Lower-Austria
2012 «Best Computer Animation» Animation Block Party NY for "366 Days"
2012 «Hamburg Animation Award» for "366 Days"
2012 «Best Filmschool Production» @ Asolo Art Film Festival for "366 Days"
2012 «Prix du Jury» & «Mention spéciale» @ CC Roanne for "366 Days"
2011 «Best Student Film» Bradford Animation Festival for "366 Days"
2011 «Award for Best Character» @ Content Awards Vienna for "366 Days"
2011 «Audience Award» & «Award for Best Film» @ Shortynale for "366 Days"
2011 FBW «Shortfilm of the Month» for "366 Days"
2011 «Best Animated Film» Filmschau Baden-Württemberg for "366 Days"
2011 Nomination «Lena Weiss Prize for Humanity» for "366 Days"
2012 Nomination «Best Graduation Film» ANNECY for "366 Days"
2011 Nomination «ASIFA Best Austrian Animation Award» for "366 Days"
2010 «Best Animation» for "Zoopraxiscope" @ OMFV Award 2010
2010 «Best of the Fest Finalist» for "Zoopraxiscope" @ Red Stick Festival
2009 Finalist for Adobe Design Achievement Award with "Zoopraxiscope"
2009 «Senior Rossi Award» @ Cartoon Club Rimini 2009 for "Birdstrike"
2008 Nomination «Deutscher Nachwuchsfilmpreis» for "Birdstrike"
2007 «Special Jury Mention» Asolo Art Film Festival for "A6/A9"
2007 Nomination «Deutscher Nachwuchsfilmpreis» for "A6/A9"

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