The Mole and the Earthworm

short for a tv series

"A small mole discovers one day that all the other animals have a second of its kind to play. Only he is alone and suffers. And then even the food turns rebellious: a fat earthworm moves at lightning speed - a chase through the mole tunnel systems begins at takes a surprising turn in the end ..."

Commissioned for the popular SWR/ZDF kids series "I know an animal" by Studio Film Bilder in Stuttgart, we produced this three-minute short film, in which screenwriting, directing and design lay in our hand.

Written, animated and directed by
Johannes Schiehsl

Sounddesign & Music
Christian Heck, Sumophonic

Thomas Meyer-Hermann

Artistic director
Andreas Hykade

TV editor, SWR
Benjamin Manns

Production manager
Bianca Just

Technical director
Ralf Bohde

funded by MFG Baden-Württemberg

Coproduction Südwestrundfunk (SWR)

Comissioned by Studio FILM BILDER, 2015

Nomination - Goldener Spatz 2016, Germany
Animafest Zagreb 2016, Croatia
New York International Children's Film Festival 2017, USA
Chicago International Childrens Film Festival 2016, USA
Childrens Film Festival Seattle 2017, USA
Anima 2017, Belgium
Filmfest Kontrast Bayreuth 2017, Germany
Monstra 2017, Portugal
Festival Internacional de Cinema de Lisboa 2017, Portugal
Montreal Nouveau Cinema 2016, Canada
Kurzfilmfest Muenchen 2017, Germany
Singapore International Children's Film Festival 2017
Filmfest Osnabrueck 2016, Germany
Bamberger Kurzfilmtage 2017, Germany
Anima Mundi 2016, Brazil
Animatic 2016, Spain
Providence Children's Film Festival 2017, USA
Cyprus Animation Festival 2017, Cyprus
London International Animation Festival, UK
Fest Anca 2016, Slowakia
Zlin Filmfestival 2016, Czech Republic
Filmschau Baden-Wuerttemberg 2015, Germany
Kino w Trampkach 2016, Poland
BUSTER Film Festival for Children and Youth 2016, Denmark
FEST New Directors 2016, Portugal
BIKY Busan International Festival 2016, Korea
UFOLinos - Osnabrueck 2017, Germany
Andorra Kid's Film Festival 2016, Andorra
Cinekid Best European Short Animation Film 2016, The Netherlands
BAMkids Film Festival 2017, USA

A deux, c'est mieux! - Les Films du Preau, France