Diplomatic Affairs

animated paintings and maps for documentary

The Congress of Vienna: European top leadership and diplomatic delegations deliberated from 1814 to 1815 about the political division of Europe. The Habsburg Chancellor Prince Metternich pulls strings in the background and not only he uses influential ladies of the high nobility. With sophisticated political and amorous intrigue they shape European history for the next century.

For the TV documentation we created maps to illustrate historical events and brought new life to paintings of these days.

Written & Directed by
Monika Czernin

Verena Altenberger
Gioia Osthoff
Thea Schütte
Michael König
Eric Lingens
Cornelius Obonya
and many more

Golli Marboe
Iris Haschek

Map Animations & Projection Mappings
Johannes Schiehsl

Makido Film Production