Lilly the Witch

TV Series

She may look like any other schoolgirl, but there's something different about Lilly: she has a secret! Her best friend is called Hector the Dragon, and her favourite book is a book of magic! Together they travel through time and space to faraway places. During their exciting adventures there are always obstacles to overcome and mysteries to solve."

All three directors of Neuer Österreichischer Trickfilm were directing for the relaunch of this TV series - a international co-production between the Austrian Dor Film and the German Trixter Entertainment.

Directed by
Conrad Tambour
Benjamin Swiczinsky
Johannes Schiehsl
Steffen Schaeffler

Sandra Wollgast
Tilo Seiffert
Michael Coldewey
Danny Krausz
Kurt Stocker
Isabelle Welter
Arnauld de Battice
Mark Mertens
Jan Goossen

Commissioning Editors
Matthias Körnich (WDR)
Nina Fehrmann (ORF)

Written by
Eva Wehrum
Hannes Wirlinger
Elisabeth Schmied
Barbara Schärf
Katarina Bali
Arno Krimmer
Julia Rakotoniaina-Waldner

Andy Kelly
Jan Siggel
Stefan Vermeulen
Bram Mondy
Pierre Neira
Rudi Mertens
Alexander Tiedtke
Bartel Buneel

Mischa Krausz

Character Design
Sascha Wüstefeld
Flavia Scuderi
Corinna Nickel
Caroline Born

Set Design
Konrad Fitz
Andreas Kurzawe
Paul Schwarz
Tom Olieslagers
Prop Design
Steffen Gumpert
Konrad Fitz

Moritz Fritsch
Color Artist
Antje Ehlert
Andreas Kurzawe

produced by
Trixter, Dor-Film, AT Animations